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    Is there a way to bypass Prerequisites in Patch & Compliance?

    SpencerTC Apprentice

      I'm facing a peculiar issue right now in Patching & Compliance. I have a definition, an Intel Active Management Tech driver that I need pushed to all my machines. The file is sp69050.exe, and according to LANDesk, it has a prerequisite dependency of "HP_INVENTORY" that needs to run and detect first. When this dependency file is ran through the daily security scan, it reports that out of 4,500+ total PCs, only 53 need the sp69050.exe. I know this to be false, as several thousands of our machines need the Intel AMT driver installed. I was able to extract the sp69050.exe and build a distribution package for it, and tested that it works on my machines, giving them vPro Power Management access in the Management Suite console. However, I was really depending on placing the exe in the Autofix (global) folder and letting it take care of the machines. Running this as a scheduled task isn't efficient, as since this needs to go to a large number of machines, I have to perform this during a time when all my users are away. The problem with that is that the majority of my machines will be powered off, and I've been having difficulty getting LANDesk's Power Management component functioning correctly (to which I have a case open for that).


      My question is if there's a way I can just bypass this "HP_INVENTORY" prerequisite in Patch and Compliance and allow this sp69050.exe to autofix? I know the machines are compatible, as this file was designed for them. I have no idea why HP_INVENTORY is claiming they're not needed.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          If you are - absolutely - 100% sure that this pre-requisite doesn't apply to you, then you could just make a copy of that vulnerability into a custom vulnerability and edit it -- removing the pre-requisite.


          I would advise caution though and double / triple checking your facts here, as installing the binary may fail if its own logic says "hey, I'm looking for this thing I need and can't find it - so therefor, I shall fail".


          But yes - you can copy & edit (the copy) of any of our vulnerabilities.


          Does that help?

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            SpencerTC Apprentice

            I've been back and forth on this. I know the hardware on all my devices support this installation; that's been confirmed by Intel directly. However, I've had a few side-effects when I installed it manually. Those have since been corrected, but now, when I try deploy the package as a distribution package, I'm seeing the following message: "the storage control blocks were destroyed." So now I have even more digging as to why this "sp69050.exe" is so problematic.


            I like your warning about being 100% sure, so until then, I won't try to bypass the dependency. Thank you.