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    Dell 7050 & updated HD Intel Graphic 530 card


      I am testing the new 7050s and Window 7 x64.   The video, HD Intel Graphic 530 (driver installs manually from the cab files. However, when I add it to LANDesk, I get “an out of bounds error.”


      Has anyone found  a simple version of the driver which would help us get the image working?


      INF: or

      device ID: is ven_8086&Dev_1912&subsys_07a11028&rev_06


      Or maybe there is another driver work around?  I checked Intel, Microsoft, and HP for a driver. I also tried removing the sample video file, and extra languages.


      It's actually the first time I have received the "out of bounds error."  I was able to find the PXE driver from Intel.