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    Upgrading from servicedesk 7.8.2 to 2016.4

    Guy_Walton Apprentice

      HI all


      can anyone advise a solution to an error message were receiving while upgrading our service desk  database installation


      the error were getting is


      Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'cm_text', table 'ServiceDesk.dbo.cm_change_note'; column does not allow nulls. UPDATE fails.

      The statement has been terminated.. Please check the metadata manager log file for further details



      when we upgraded our test system we had no errors, but our live environment errors

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          Motaz ITSMMVPGroup

          I suggest raising a case with the support for this issue.

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            Guy_Walton Apprentice

            we received from support the following, under testing it appears to of resolved the issue of that error (but were working through a few similar errors with the upgrade with different fields)


            Regarding the above incident, you logged with us, this has been assigned to me and I have read through the description. You need to update the attribute that is null in your database so first please check for null directly in SQL:


            SELECT * FROM ServiceDesk.dbo.cm_change_note WHERE cm_text IS NULL


            Then if there is any that mean that we have to update the db with some value there, cause there is constraint on this column "NOT NULL"


            UPDATE ServiceDesk.dbo.cm_change_note SET cm_text= 'null value' WHERE cm_text IS NULL


            'null value' is an exemplary string, you can put there whatever you wish.

            After that, try run the upgrade.


            Please, remember to do the back up before you apply any scripts