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    ImageX not capturing Image


      This is a lab setup:


      DC01 (DNS, AD)

      LANDESK (LDSM 8.8 no SP's)

      XPClient (Workgroup, syspreped no client)


      We're trying to test the provisioning task sequence in LanDesk unfortunatly it won't capture a image using ImageX.exe. Below is a breakdown of the actions it seems to do:

      1. XPClient boots to PXE
      2. Select WinPe PXE boot
      3. Menu is shown with capture script for WinPe
      4. Script is choosen
      5. Custom task window opens on LANDESK
      6. Screen on XPClient goes to only background (no DOS or other window)
      7. Verified name resolution on XPCLIENT (opened console -> ping LANDESK -> returns)
      8. Custom Task list gets to around step 24-26 (goes to fast and screen closes) XPCLIENT reboots no image is captured.

      We're following this documentation:



      There seems to be no errors whereas the log for OSD-WinPECapture returns a "1 Done" message at the last line.


      Any ideas?