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    Device Name not shown in Discovery and error in Agent Deploing




      I'm testing the Landesk 2016 on a new server (so i leave fully functional my Landesk 9.5sp3 installation).


      I've setup a server (a Virtual one with esx) conbfigured the network, joined the domain (changed the Scheduler agent user) and installed Landesk Management Suite 2016, configured as in "Best Known Methods for installing Landesk 2016 by Bryce Stringham". then created an Agent and done a Discovery for Unmanaged Device.


      When i find the devices the device name will not be shown



      If i try to install the Agent i obtain an error "An error occurred while copying the agent software" with return code 1081 (the devices with agent istalled have been installed manually)





      the network is configured correctly (ip/gw/dns..), the user used for scheduler and com+ have administrative rights


      Any idea ?