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    Chart creation for Dashboard/Windows 10 "versions"/Release IDs not Editions


      We don't have Service Desk.  So no dashboard creation available in SD.


      In LANDesk Management Console, under Dashboard Editor, I would like to create a dashboard showing Windows 10 which includes a chart showing the various release versions.  1507, 1511, 1607, 1703 and so on.


      I see that I can create a dashboard and include a chart for Windows 10 Editions.  This gives me, Enterprise, Professional, Education.        But what I want to see is a chart showing we have 5 machines with version/Release IDs 1511 , 20 machines with 1607 and 1 machine with 1703 (#'s as an example).


      I don't see a "chart" available that I can add which  allows me to select these Release IDs.


      I know I can create a query which will show me the Release IDs...and yes I could export it and sort it to give me a idea of how many machines are on which release ID.    But what I really want to see is this information as part of a constantly updating dashboard.


      Any way for me to manually create a chart which specifically shows this information?

      Any other way to get this information into a dashboard available via LANDesk Management Console.


      I've attached some jpgs showing the dashboard and release version query results.   I've also attached a chart selection screenshot which shows "editions" but not release IDs for Windows 10. 


      As Windows 10 continues to evolve, I want to simply see how many Windows 10 release IDs/versions we have via a dashboard.  Is this a possibility?



      Creighton University