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    How to cancel a delayed/deferred task?

    FormerAltirisGuy Apprentice


      I'm preparing a deployment where the user could defer 5 times for 24hrs.

      I'm wondering now what our help desk could do to stop the task if it was accidentally pushed to a user who should NOT get it??


      I found the following threads about the same topic:

      Delayed by user is never ending status in task

      Cancel job still active

      How to cancel a "Delayed" scheduled task which was "Defer Until Next Logon"


      But I can not find the following regkey on the client like one article describes:

      HKLM - SOFTWARE - Wow6432Node - Intel - LANDesk - LDWM - Distribution - sdclient

      But there is a key "Local Scheduler" below "LANDesk"?


      Unfortunately we are on 9.6 SP1, too. Like Praveen from the other thread....