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    How does LANDesk identify the Device Type?

    brad.e.smith Apprentice

      This morning we were notified that a virtual server received a software installation. The machine was targeted because it listed as "Type=Virtual Machine". Other servers that were stood up around the same time by our server farm team all report as "Type=Virtual Server". Even the icons are different (server vs machine).


      My question now is "how does the inventory scan determine device type" and how can I correct the current listing? The virtual server in question is running "Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Standard Edition (full installation), 64-bit".


      These servers are all runing a "Windows Server Config" agent, so we're trying to determine (on our end) how they even got this software deployment....FUN!

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          That can vary based on whether you use HyperV or VMWare or something else.


          Another big factor is whether or not you've got the VMWare tools (or their respective equivalent across the other stuff) installed.


          And potentially version of the host / tools themselves, depending.


          If you want to get something like an "If ... then ... else if ..." type logic, I suspect your best bet would be to try & go through support, though a request for info tends to be lower prio than a defect.


          In the interim, you may avoid any "whoops" type side effect by including a "AND Computer.Operating System.Name NOT LIKE 'SERVER' " or so in your LD-query/queries as a simple solution?