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    Memory report


      I tell ya, I am new to LANDesk but not new to queries and reporting.  I'll chalk this one up to being new but I want to create a reprort of all machines in our environment, but highlight (represent) the ones that are less than 512MB RAM.   Sounds simple but I can only see RAM in KB not MB and this creates a pie chart or bar graph with many differences.


      If I use total KB it comes up with several variations that actually mean 512.


      Any thoughts?



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          ahe Expert

          Hello Rich,


          see this documentation, it could be helpful:

          Collapsing Data in Reports




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            I appreciate this post is very old, here's hoping you'll still get an email notification.


            The report in your link is exactly what I am trying to do, however as we are now on Landesk 9, I cannot import the report, and trying to do it as a simple query is getting me nowhere.


            The new reporting system in landesk 9 is something I find quite difficult to use and really don't like.


            As I'm lazy, I was wondering if you had updated this report yourself for landesk 9 and have something I could import into my own core?