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    Carry Attachments to New Ticket

    dunnsu Apprentice

      Hello!  Our organization has a setup where we can convert an Incident ticket to a Request ticket.  When we do this, the attachments from the Incident tickets do not appear on the new Request ticket.  I've tried various ways to get these to display without luck.  Does anyone have any insight?  We're using Service Desk 2016.



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          I'm afraid that this is not possible from within the product as it is not designed to accommodate attachments during the conversion. When you are "converting" an Incident what actually happens is that a new Request is created and the information is pulled over with Placeholders, but this is not possible with attachments.


          I'm not sure, but you might be able to do this with additional configuration outside of the product, for example in the form of a DB trigger.


          Professional services might be able to set this up for you but it will be a chargeable service. I suggest speaking to your Account Manager to see if this is possible and if so, what your options are.


          Please let me know if you have any questions.