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    Import list of users into LDMS




      I'm starting a deployment project in the next few weeks that will involve me receiving a list of users provided by another team member and pushing a LDMS job to their PCs. Currntly this is a manual process that goes something like this:


      • Teammate supplies me CSV of users. I have access to full name, last name, and login ID.
      • I search for the IDs and add them to a custom group
      • On the day of the change, I add the custom group to the relevant deployment job


      Currently, the job is not super time sensitive. I just need to execute my LANDESK job within seven days of me receiving the list. The lists are small and come about a week apart, so the manual process works.


      Starting in a week are two, the lists are going to grow to 100 users and I no longer wish to do the process manually.


      Is there a way to take a list of user IDs in a standard format, import it into LDMS, and get all of the PCs they "own?"


      Thanks for your help.