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    Computer not updating inventory

    Justus.Niemeyer Apprentice



      I have a computer that isn't updating inventory correctly. Here are some details about the issue.


      1. I have rebuilt this machine two or three times.

      2. It says it has a fairly recent inventory scan, but the inventory has pretty much nothing.

      3. I have uninstalled, deleted the object in LDMS, and reinstalled to no avail.

      4. I can run Inventory Scan on the machine without error.

      5. I cannot request inventory scan from LDMS.

      6. I have checked LDISCN32 but don't see anything that catches my eye.

      7. There are no errors in Event Viewer.


      Is there anything else I can check? I was thinking there might be a stale record in the database somewhere that isn't jiving, but I'm not entirely sure. Any help would be appreciated.