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    LDMS 2016 remote Control/ Authentication Issue

    graemegaitskell Rookie



      Our New LDMS 2016 core server seems to have developed an issue over the weekend whereby certain levels of authentication now seem to fail.


      We first noticed this with the PXE services this morning.

      We cannot log into provisioning menu, but can use manual PXE services such as map drives, access shares etc.


      Now we are seeing issues with remote control:


      Every RC session is halted with message:

      Unable to talk to core, authentication fails

      Unable to send a request to remote computer


      HTML access responds with:

      Authentication failed

      Invalid credentials or no rights to remote control


      I have tried document solution :

      Unable to talk to core. Authentication fails.

      But this does not resolve the issue...


      I can ping client from server

      I can ping server from client

      (Both device names resolve in DNS)


      The remotecontrol.dll log shows the following:

      04/24/2017 11:14:21 INFO 3164:24    RollingLog : Request to get remote control rights for 10.x.x.x

      04/24/2017 11:14:21 INFO 3164:24    RollingLog : PDS2 hostname for target 10.x.x.x is PCNAME.DOMAIN.COM

      04/24/2017 11:14:21 INFO 3164:24    RollingLog : Found computer ({F8E5BE89-30DA-F34E-A941-6FC48E93A1E5}) as 7

      04/24/2017 11:14:21 INFO 3164:24    RollingLog : Error in GetGroupMembershipSids: This Principal object represents a well-known SID and does not correspond to an actual store object. This operation is not supported on it.,    at System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.Principal.CheckFakePrincipal()

         at System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.Principal.GetUnderlyingObject()

         at LANDesk.DirectoryService.Business.DirectoryManager.GetGroupMembershipSids(ConsoleUser user)


      Has anybody ever seen this error ?


      I have re established the AD/LDAP connection without any success.