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    Image deployment and licencing

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      I was hoping someone might be able to solve a question I have......


      I have a NT server connected to 30 pc's running DOS, the server has LANDesk installed for remote support purposes. I would like to use LANDesk to replace my currrent HDD recovery system. If a HDD were to fail on one of the 30 pc's I would like to create an image of a working pc with LANDesk and then deploy that image onto a new HDD on the faulty machine. Would I be covered by the LANDesk licence on the server to do this...???


      Sorry I meant to add I dont wish to use Ghost or PQI as the imaging software, I would like to use the LANDesk imaginf software.


      Many thanks,





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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          It depends on what exactly you're asking.


          If you're talking about LANDesk licenses - as long as you've paid licenses for those 30 devices, you'll be covered from the LANDesk POV.


          The LANDesk imaging tool is "free" so to speak (included in the license for the client), as it should be included in what you already paid.


          Depending on what OS you use to image/re-image, you may need to get licenses. If you use DOS, you're fine. If you use WinPE to image/re-image, then you need to make sure you've got enough concurrent WinPE licenses.


          I.e. - if you have 200 nodes, but only will image 10 nodes at any one time, then 10 concurrent WinPE licenses will be fine.


          ... if this doesn't help / answer your question(s), please specify what exact license concern it is you have.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            mickd Rookie

            Hi Paul,


            Thank you for the very quick response...


            I will have to look into the costs involved licensing the 30 machines and weigh it against our current Ghost solution.


            Thanks again,