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    How technical services works


      I have some confussion about technical services. I define them but where I have to put them to work? Have I put them as a part of a process as an activity?  They works similar as a tasks within a process (i.e HR ootb examples)? Must they have a define process? Or are they just a ITIL concept that are not important within a  process design?.


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          When you define a business or technical service, you specify which can be used by your end-users ( Business Service) and which will be used by your analysts ( Technical Service). Basically you are categorizing your CI's.


          More information can be found below:



          https://help.ivanti.com/ld/help/en_US/LDSD/10.0/Default.htm#013 Service Catalog/BusinessOrTechnical.htm?Highlight=technical services


          Hope that helps.

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            Hi. Thank you for your answer but what I need to know is if an analyst can choose tecnical services  as a user chooses  business services. The information you sent to me was useful, I defined some technical services  but I still have the question: Where and how an analyst can choose these services.


            Thanks again



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              andreas.lindner Expert



              in ITSM technical servies are the "real" services behind a service that you offer. E.g. if you have a service called E-Mail, that you offer your employees to choose from the service catalog, that would be the business service. The technical services can be User, Mailbox, E-Mail-Address for example. Officially technical services cannot be requested, but as always in Service Desk, many things can be amended.


              Technically it doesn't matter if a service is a technical or a business service. It all depends on the following parameters:

              In your service, you can check the box "In Service Catalog?", that will enable the service to be available for publishing in your service catalog. If you check "Publish to all?", then the service will be shown to all users, that open the service catalog. But you can publish them to Roles and Groups if you don't like to publish them to all users.

              You also can change the queries in the Service Catalog Administration, if you don't want to edit all services manually. Just rightclick on the tabs in your Service Catalog Adminitration and select "Change Query". Select any query that matches your needs.




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                Thank you very much for your help Andreas.  Your comments clarifies me how to work with technical and business services.