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    Can'nt Install Ivanti Asset Management 2016 in Server Aplication LANDesk Service Desk

    pcantika Apprentice

      Hai All,


      I try to Integration LDSD and LDMS. I follow step by step in : LANDesk Management Suite Integration with Service Desk - Videos Included


      But, In when I am installing LDMS 2016 v.3 nothing happen in my server dan i install LDMS 9.6 it's work.


      But, i am integration with LDMS 2016 i can't put data in sql and have error message



      I am try to upgrade LDMS 9.6 to LDMS 2016. But, nothing happen again and my LDMS still in version 9.6


      Please Help,


      I am attachment this log.


      LDSD Version 2016

      LDMS 2016