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    Template is not being picked up - runs through the 40 tries

    MikeForg Apprentice

      I'm pretty frustrated with an issue in provisioning.


      The issue appears with new computers that never have been in the Landesk database or with computers that were deleted because they didn't report in for a longer time.


      I can choose my templates ( they are all public, so no user authentication), but it just runs through the 40 tries and then I end up where I started. I have to run through this process a couple of times until finally the template gets picked up and executed. This is not the case for machines that already exist in the Landesk database.


      I'm in contact with Landesk support since 6 weeks, I checked about any cause and went through all troubleshoot steps that I could find here on the community, to no avail.


      Now I had an idea how to get around this issue.


      What if I would call a powershell script before launching the template, that checks if the MAC address already exists, and if not it adds an entry via MBSDK ?


      Is anybody experiencing the same issue, or maybe somebody can help me to get further with my idea ? I don't know how to check if a MAC address exists, couldn't find a function that does this.


      Your help is very much appreciated.