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    Map Point Access - nested groups

    duberyy_wotsit Apprentice

      Is there any limitation with regards to nested groups in AD and map point access?  I am finding that if I use a user group which contains other user groups within it then sometimes the map point is not visible.  If I add the group a user is a direct member of then the map point is visible.


      Also do the groups have to be security groups or are distribution groups supported?  That could also be the issue...

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          Robin Rowe SupportEmployee


          Thanks for posting your question - Currently we do not support nested groups, so these need to be added explicitly. At this time, there is an open feature request for this functionality which you can vote for, by following the 'ideas' button above. We support security groups only. Also be aware that there is a known limitation regarding group policies - we store the physical location to the group at the time of adding to the admin console (ie its base DN). If this group is relocated in Active Directory, the group will need to be removed and re-added to the admin console to reflect the new location.



          Robin Rowe

          Ivanti Technical Support

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