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    ldprovision.exe (WinPE) crash in a KVM environnement


      Hi all,


      We're testing OS deployment with LDMS 2016.3 SU3 on our KVM/QEMU virtualization infrastructure, but unfortunately ldprovision.exe crashes in the WinPE environment.

      It crashes either before entering the credentials, or sometimes after (when loading templates). It also crashes when the template is scheduled beforehand.

      See the following screenshot:



      We tried a bunch of stuff, as injecting the Virtio drivers (from both Fedora or Red Hat), and messing around with the CPU model and various KVM flags, but with no luck...

      The crash doesn't occur on an ESXI infrastructure, nor on physical devices. Our current deployment solution (homebrew, not LanDesk) is also based on WinPE and we don't have such problems, as it is obviously linked to the ldprovision.exe binary.


      Is anyone here successfully using LanDesk provisioning on a KVM infrastructure?