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    Agentless Scans - Software Inventory Scans


      I am currently using a powershell script to kick off the following command "C:\LANDeskInventoryScan\ldiscn32.exe /NTT=servername /s=servername /F /i=servername\ldlogon\ldappl3.ini /sync /V"  to initiate agentless inventory scans in 9.6.  This is nice because I can query Active Directory for the machines I wish to perform a inventory on.  I also have total control on when the scans are run. 


      We are currently upgrading to the new 2016 version and they perform agentless scans differently as I understand.  You setup subnets which you wish to scan and LANDesk goes and places files in the administrative share and performs a software inventory. My question is it possible to do something in the new version like I performed in the old version.  Where I can copy the files myself and initiate the software myself?  The machines I am concerned about are windows boxes.


      Thanks in advance,