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    LDSD - Notification that a ticket has been submitted


      Hey All.  We are looking for a way to configure Service Desk to notify us via email when a user submits a ticket via self-service.  Our analysts currently get email notifications once a ticket has been assigned to them, but not when a user initially submits a ticket.  Can this be done?  Thanks for your help!

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          andreas.lindner Expert

          Hi MRH,


          yes, that can be achieved by using any of the following two options:

          - If you have something like an initial Add Assignment in your Process, you can select to notify the assignee. This will also work if only a group is selected. If the user is a member of the group, you can set the member to receive group messages.

          - You can also add an automatic Add Reminder action between the black starting dot and the first status.


          Your process may look like this at the start after adding the functionality (just ignore the other actions):

          1. is the default Add Reminder, 2. is the first Add Assignment. You can use anyone of them, the easiest was is the Add Reminder.