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    Change default Assigned Group on new incident

    BryanPeacock Rookie

      Hello. New to LDS D and all my LDSD resources are no longer with the Company(yes it is good to be new). We are going live on Monday and an issue was just reported whereby any incident that is created, regardless of the person or group, automatically assigns the incident to the Service Desk group. What I would want to do is have the ticket assigned to the currently logged on user and the current group rather than everything dump into the Service Desk group who may have no idea what the creator was thinking.  Ideally, I would want to be able to assign the ticket upon creation if it needs to be routed to another group, but for the short term, I am happy to be able to save and then Re-Assign.


      I appreciate any and all responses, Please don't assume any level of knowledge with how to administer and configure LDSD as I had limited knowledge transfer (a day). I do have SA access so that's a start.   Thank you in advance!

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          andreas.lindner Expert

          Hi BryanPeacock,


          I think that there is an automatic assignment in your Incident process right at the start. It either looks like an purple/blueish arrow or just a green box (see screenshot below), that might contain a fixed value, that can be changed.


          Sorry, it is in German, but the left attribute says Group and the right one is the User. In your case, I think there is a fixed value in your Group attribute. If you want to use the current user and his current group, you have to insert runetime values (rightklick and choose Runtime Value). Then choose macro values (it is always the middle option) and choose the only option from the list for group and for user (the screenshot if for the User attribute, in group there will be CurrentGroup available). That should work.




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            BryanPeacock Rookie

            Hello Andres, thank you for responding. You are correct in that the previous administrator had a Group value specified within the field and no run-time values. I will make some changes to the Process and use the values you suggested. Thank you again!