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    Trouble deploying Advance Agent through Peer on a remote location


      I've been trying to deploy the Advance Agent to several remote unmanaged machines, I already deployed the agent to one of them and copied the EXE to the ldlogon folder. However, after deploying the MSI to the rest of the machines, the log keeps sending "Discovery failed for ldlogon\Agent.exe, unable to fing allowed source (or peer depending on settings)".


      I'm only deploying through peer because the link to the Core server is very slow.


      My FW policy is very strict, however I already opened ports 9595 and 33354, that theoretically would be the required ones to have opened.

      Is there any other port that should be opened?


      I'm running LDMS 2016.3 with SU3 installed.


      This is my TCP ports check result on a client connecting to the Peer:

      Port Open                                  

                                         ---- ----                                  

                                           25 Closed or filtered                    

                                          137 Closed or filtered                    

                                          139 Open                                  

                                          445 Open                                  

                                         4343 Closed or filtered                    

                                         9535 Closed or filtered                    

                                         9593 Open                                  

                                         9594 Open                                  

                                         9595 Open                                  

                                         9971 Closed or filtered                    

                                         9972 Closed or filtered   


      Thanks in advance for your help!