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    Can't get simple alert to work.

    carlos Expert

      LDMS 9.6 SP2



      I'm testing a simple alert (I thought I had this nailed down, but apparently not) this is what I have done so far:

      1. Created the ruleset

      a) Monitor Print spooler service

      b)Actions, log and start notepad (run on client)


      Clicked OK then Publish.

      2.Created a new Agent and added that alert (Baseline and extended checked)

      3.Deployed the Agent

      4. Stopped the spooling service---->NOTHING (notepad didn't start)


      Checking the logs i see this:

      Download failed file not found at source(1): http://MyCore/ldlogon/alertrules/ldms.default.ruleset.xml


      Download failed file not found at source(1): http://MyCore/ldlogon/alertrules/internal.ps-ldmain-us.10.ruleset.xml


      going to that directory in the core the files are there.

      Any suggestions?




      I re-ran the Agent and the Rulesets were loaded correctly (I could see them on the inventory)

      BUT, the alert still doesn't trigger NOTEPAD.exe


      I'm at a hard stop here