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    Integration of landesk 2016.3 with external tool




      Currently we are using Landesk 2016.3  and are having following 2 requirements :

      1: We want to do a third party application integration with LanDesk by using Event manager functionality in LanDesk.

      In this, 3rd party tool needs to pass the parameter to LanDesk web service which will pass the parameter

      to LanDesk and creates a ticket.


      2 : We need a way where we could have a bi-directional communication with LanDesk , wherein we can send data to LanDesk

      and also send data back from LanDesk to external tools.


      we are looking to explore ways to achieve this while we don't have enough documents to go forward.


      Kindly can someone help us with this or provide any known documents.



      Mastek Team

      [email protected]

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Creating an Incident, passing in a parameter (you can pass in up to 20 custom parameters), as per requirement (1) is easy to do in Event Manager as long as you have the correct license entitlement;  you need the "Network Source" connector/action which comes as part of the TUM or enterprise license for Service Desk OR you've purchased Event Manager separately.  This will allow you to raise new lifecycles from incoming events.


          For requirement (2) will usually involve "design commitment" from both sided of the integration.  Being able to update existing lifecycles in ServiceDesk via Event Manager normally involves including the GUID of the lifecycle to update if you are making use of the "Integration Source" Event connector and presumably the 3rd party will need ServiceDesk to pass them some sort of Lifecycle identifier for them to reference as well.  Being able to fire off an outbound event to the 3rd party can usually be done via a process automatic action on a business object that has the Web Service behaviour set; also you'd pass the GUID of the process too so that replies know where to come back to and probably would need to include the reference of the 3rd party lifecycle to interact with too.   On the inbound side, as long as you send/post to the "integration event" web service of Event Manager (actually the ServiceDesk framework in reality) and include the lifecycle GUID in the "Process GUID location in the URL passed (together with the other mandatory parameters plus your customer ones as required) then you can get this to map to an action to move the process forwards and update with data received.


          If you want to create and update incidents and have bi-directional data passing between ServiceDesk and the 3rd party will probably include a solution involving BOTH Event Manager connector types;  ie a new event comes into ServiceDesk Event Manager (Network Source) and ServiceDesk creates the new lifecycle.  In the lifecycle you have an automatic action on creation that is linked to a Business Object wih web service behaviour, to call to the 3rd party to pass back the Incident reference number created and its GUID so that the 3rd party knows how to contact the particular instance of the Lifecycle in future transaction and can store this info needed on its side. Let's say that the 3rd party wants to send a note over to ServiceDesk;  it fires a web service call to the URL of the POST "Integration Source" Event Connector,  includes the GUID reference we sent it at creation plus an event ID (say "Add Note") and Event Source (say "Bobs-3rd-Party-Solution").  In Event Management we setup so that it monitors for this Source and Event ID and maps the 1 to 20 parameters onto our "Add Note" action in our process.   To send a "Create" action to the 3rd party, and sending updates, will depend on what that 3rd party is AND how it can handle, if at all, web service calls.    The one area that IS difficult in this sort of integration is the passing of attachments as these cant be done in a normal web service call to Event Manager. Also another potential "gotcha" is if the passed transaction cannot be processed in ONE call;  for example some systems require you to first request an Incident ID in first pass and then send a second call using this reference number to log the Incident; in this case some sort of small escrow middleware web service would need to be created in Visual Studio for example.   ServiceDesk also only requires "Deltas";  ie if you want to add a note, all we really care about is the note title, description and GUID of the process to update (I'm simplifying) whereas some 3rd parties insist on wanting to send the FULL dump of data (not only the new note but also all of the previous history as well) for every call.   So basically what I'm trying to convey is integrating with anything outside of ServiceDesk needs involvement of technical people from BOTH products and a willingness to TALK and COMPROMISE to get it done! Integrations cannot be forced from one side only! :0)


          Hope this helps.




          Julian Wigman

          MarXtar Ltd

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            Thanks for reply...

            How to configure event manager in Landesk 2016.3.

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              andreas.lindner Expert

              Take a look at the help.ivanti.com, go to the Service Desk section and search the index for Event Manager. There you'll find some information on how to setup the Event Management.



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                When creating any event through event manager its not triggered on landesk or its not showing in tps_event_queue table.

                please suggest something.

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                  Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                  Need more info to be able to help.


                  Are you sending to the event management webservice directly from your external app OR I you using the send or post helper EXE files that are in the Event Manager program?


                  Is the event manager windows service installed and started?

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                    Triggered event through http://localhost/Servicedesk.Framework/eventlog.asmx?op=PostEvent.

                    Event manager windows service installed and started...

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                      Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                      incidentally I assume you are also passing the mandatory parameters as well in the URL as can't see these obviously in your fragment above (at least not on my mobile while sat on a train)!

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                        Mandatory parameter passing i.e parameter1 i.e workflow instance id.

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                          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                          i can't check at the moment but I think first 3 are mandatory plus CI.  Not sure what you mean by para 1 equals workflow instance ID; if you mean the GUID of the process then that is only relevant when posting to the Integration source URL.  I can also see from your screenshot that you have just 3 custom parameters so you aren't sending to the "extended" event url as that allows 20.


                          Check the manual for the boldened parameters which are mandatory and make sure text in each of those fields in the above and then "invoke" and check rerun code is zero and you get an entry now in the event queue. I.e. Debug this one step at a time.


                          Normally because lots of Apps can send in events you need to "type" then so that your event actions can correctly filter out the ones they need to process and leave the rest for ither event actions to handle respectively.


                          im sure the manual has some examples of what to send as a minimum.

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                            andreas.lindner Expert



                            actually there is no mandatory data in Event Manager as we know it from some windows. In the configuration of your Event Manager Source, you can define the attributes needed to distinguish between different sources. E.g. in our environment the monitoring as well as some other software is using the interface to exchange data. So I'd recommend at least using the EventSource (e.g. Monitoring) and EventType (e.g. SystemDown) attributes to identify the items.


                            Furthermore a few hints on configuring the Event Manager:

                            1. Add a default query to the Event object (create a new query on the Event Management/Event object) if not already done.
                            2. Add your Event Source, Event Type and configure your source system to deliver the values every time.
                            3. In your Event Source, you can determine the mapping of the different parameters (Title, Description, Parameter 1 - 3, etc.) to your attributes in the Service Desk object.
                            4. If you want to test the Event Manager manually, you can open the URL in your Browser and open the PostEvent form: http://localhost/Servicedesk.Framework/eventlog.asmx


                            Let us know if and how you get along with your new friend the Event Manager :-)



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                              Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                              I disagree as the event manager manual clearly states on page 13 that the following are mandatory parameters:


                              Event source

                              Event type

                              Event title

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                                andreas.lindner Expert

                                Yes Julian, you are of course, right.

                                What I meant is, that you do not need to map all parameters to attributes in your object, but only select the ones you need.

                                Source and Type is necessary to distinguish between multiple sources and the Title is always necessary to open a new process.


                                I should be more precise next time :-)



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                                  Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                                  Ah, now I agree with that  

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