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    Device Name Prompter pops up behind other windows

    john.kirkland Rookie

      Just upgraded to LDMS 2016.3 and my tech was trying to make sure our provisioning templates for imaging new computers were working correctly in the new version. He attempted to image a computer several times and in the provisioning history it showed that the failure point was the Device Name Prompter action. We figured out that it was actually popping up in the background, hidden by the main provisioning window and the CMD window. In 9.6, the name prompter was displayed on top of all other windows until you enter a name or it times out.


      As a workaround, we've extended the timeout period as well as minimizing all other windows at the start of the imaging process so that we can actually see the name prompter pop up.


      Is this a known issue? And will it/can it be addressed in a future patch?