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    HII - Queries. Speed, process and maintenance.


      Hi All,


      I have a few questions for you if I may, as we are currently trying to streamline our provisioning process for a mass rollout.


      Is there a way we can scrap the HII DB and start with a fresh one easily without some kind of blank reinstall and copy?


      Where does the hiiclient get the DB from, is it the location specified where defined on in the rebuild drivers section on the Core Console?


      Does the 'Assign' feature for assigning the drivers only assign the drivers assigned, or is it inclusive of others detected?


      The DB is only 75 MB, so presuming it is the scanning and assignment that takes time on the client?


      I really need some more in depth understanding of how this process works, it currently takes a long time to run the HII process pre and post OS deployment. I am aware that I can get into the HII DB with an SQL lite browser of sorts.


      Many thanks,