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    Landesk Inventory - adding a specific inventory name for all machines - Windows


      I know how to create a new string in Inventory, give it a name and value.  How do I create an entry that will create a string for ALL inventory?  I know I'll have to go back and input the value at a later date, however I want the string/name to already be listed.


      For example, we get all our machines tagged usually well after the machines are up and running.  I would like under system ( which I did for the one machine in the picture attached ) to create a Name called "House Service Tag" and then later I can input the value. 

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So ...


          • you COULD "risk" editing the basic DB-configuration file ... *BUT* - that'd get overwritten when a new service pack / version upgrade would occur and could potentially cause problems.


          • If you have LDDA (LANDesk Data Analytics) you can use the Database Doctor to create a new field mapping essentially. Not sure if that's an option for you (it depends on whether you have LDDA).


          • There's a way to model tables & attributes yourself (which for a single attribute would be overkill).


          • You COULD create (/modify) an inventory scan to include a field of:



          ... combine *THAT* with the information from the following article -- How to find and query Custom Data via SQL -- you can find the data attribute link (which you could then mass-insert via direct SQL inject if you felt like it).


          There's a few more tricks around it (such as persistence level of that data) ... a good chunk of which depends on your comfort level with both SQL & getting stuck in with the DB directly (hint - make sure you've got backups and operate on a dev database first).


          Note that *IF* a device doesn't have data for a certain data-field, then we're not going to display that data field in inventory (removes the clutter in inventory). So you generally will only ever see data fields that HAVE a value .


          Does that help a bit?

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