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    Provisioning - Multicast questions


      Hi all,


      I am trying to put into place a provisioning method to a number of Lenovo Carbon X1 laptops. We have a global rollout coming up next week of maybe 250 devices.


      Currently I am trying to get these to deploy via multicast using a 16 port switch.


      I have followed the guide here which is the only one I can find:


      How to Deploy an Image to Multiple Computers Using Multicast


      We are using 2016.3.


      At this stage I can provision multiple devices at once, but they are not multicasting. They are running seperately. The agent settings have multicast settings enabled, however the template does not.


      If I enable multicast in the template I get the attached screens. The template seems to elect the first machine to run it, then created a 5GB partition, then asks for media to place into that partition.


      Thing is, the image file (tbi) is around 20 GB!

      Can anyone explain how this is supposed to work? Not getting much response from support at the moment.


      Many thanks,