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    Add filter to dropdown in Webdesk


      I am currently working in Asset Central and I have an Asset Owner drop-down that list all my users. I am trying to apply a filter to that field only on one window in order to limit the options when performing a particular action. I am in Windows Manager and on the Properties of the drop-down I have set Query/Filter to use a Filter that narrows down the user options (filter dose not have prompts). The filter is working in the Console but will not work in Webdesk. Should it work in Webdesk, or am I just missing something?

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          Hello Brian,


          I would recommend you take a look at the below docs which will  help you with set up of various filters.


          [Tech Brief On-Demand Webinar 2015] LANDESK Service Desk Filters Tips & Tricks


          I hope this helps!

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            andreas.lindner Expert

            Hi Brian.Subia,


            you have to add filters in the Object Designer, but be careful when adding filters to user reference list.

            And as Pawel wrote, go through the how to documents, they are really good.


            Let us know how you get along with the filters.



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              Thank you for the responses. I had already checked the references from Pawel and I believe the answer is that a filter applied to an attribute in Window Manager will not work in Webdesk. I had already tried configuring it as a filter on the Object but I could not  figure out a combination of Conditions to get it to only apply in a specific Window.

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                andreas.lindner Expert

                Ah, as I read it again and with your answer, now I understand. Yes, you are right, that will not be easy, but I have an idea, since you try to filter for a certain action. I would try the following steps:

                1. In Object Designer add all attributes that you cannot filter again to the object (e.g. Reference List to Users).
                2. Add the filters to the new attributes.
                3. In the Window Manager add a new window that will hold the new and filtered attributes.
                4. Now in the Process Designer add a new so called windowless windowed action (sounds funny, but it only means that if you create the new action, that you will set the "Associates to Window = true").
                5. Add the originally planned action as automatic action and use runtime values (and calculations if necessary) to hand over the data from the new attributes to the genuine attributes you need to carry out the action.
                6. Back in the Window Manager add a new view rule, that will display the new window created before, when the action is invoked.

                Basically you add a new manual Action, that shows you the window with the filtered attributes and you use them as runtime value in an automatic action (and the genuine attributes) to do the changes you're intending to do.


                It is a bit difficult to describe, but if you have some questions, let me know.



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                  Hi there, I had this same issue/request and was told by support that it was never intended to work in Web Desk.  They did suggest a work around of applying it to the object level relationship, but for us that would have affected other areas where we did not want the filter. An all or nothing kind of situation.2017-05-16_11-30-02.png

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                    andreas.lindner Expert

                    Hi avasile,


                    of course you are right. But after thinking a lot about the problem, on a window we might overcome the problem using additional created attributes as in my latest post. The thing is, that you need to work with runtime values and maybe calculations and it might not work after all. But I think it is worth a try.


                    Our advantage in this case is, that it will be used for a specific action in a process, that can be followed by an automatic action full of runtime values.



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                      I figured I would share my solution.


                      This is what I ended up doing. Inside of my Configuration Item Business Object I created a new relational object to my System.Users. I set my filter on this new Object then I configured a Copy Rule that is not set to always execute. On the specific window I need the filter on I added the new User Object, with the filter, and my original user drop-down. I set the window to use the copy rule and hid the original drop-down.