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    Scope Creation LDAP Question


      One of my Engineers was trying to create some scopes for server patching and he created OU's of them. After doing all of that moving around he went into LANDesk and the OU was not available for selection. He tried multiple scans and searched the community, ultimately giving up and added them manually. I just looked at this today and I am working on duplicating this issue but I saw this and wanted to ask if this is normal. Please see below. For some reason, the PC records are not grouping right under the directory like they should be. Not sure if this is the cause of the above but I am just trying to eliminate things that do not look right to me.




      I saw this post (Issue: Devices are not showing up in their appropriate Active Directory Organizational Units under scope properties) and this seems to be a similar issue but we are on 2016.4 so I am assuming that this should have been fixed in that release. Is this really an issue and does anyone know why this is happening or do I just need to open a ticket with support?