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    Service Catalogue - No results returned - End Users


      Morning all,


      Hopefully missing something simple but cant for the life of me work this one out.


      In my dev environment I have a published service catalogue where analysts can see the catalogue hierarchy and the requests in each category. However, I have some end users testing some functionality who can see the catalogue hierarchy but none of the requests in these categories - no results found message.



      It's not permissions (I have another instance and the permissions have not changed and it works there), the catalogue is published to the role (in fact all roles to check) , the CI is being included as it works for analysts and I can see in the catalogue rebuild detail, the framework free search are all correct shares, I have checked the knowledge configuration and the CI type is included, the business object is knowledgeable and search type is Service Catalogue. They are all business services and not technical services.


      What have I missed?