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    Why won’t the {_ChangeCalendarApt/StartDatetime} display the date on a notifcation email subject line

    limewoods Rookie

      I've created a new change process along with an associated
      change calendar. I'm trying now to put the StartDatetime and EndDatetime from any
      ticket’s change calendar appointment to appear in my notification email after the
      appointment has been created in the Subject field.


      In the email subject field I’ve written it as:


      New Change Raised. Ref: C-{Id}  Summary: {Title} Date:


      I think I have the right business object and attribute but
      only the ID and Title are appearing when the email is mailed. The attributes, {_ChangeCalendarApt/StartDatetime}
      is just showing as the line of code


      Why won’t the {_ChangeCalendarApt/StartDatetime} display.

      Do I need to link a business object somewhere?