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    Security Update for Microsoft Windows not showing in inventory

    rheckber Rookie

      I have a Window 10 client (1607) that has the patch for wannacrypt installed (KB4013429) along with a number of other patches.  KB4013429 was installed 4/5/2017.  However, inventory just shows 5 updates installed and KB4013429 is not one of them.  I'm trying to scan for how many machines are patched.  There are other machines that do report that patch installed.


      I've tried running full sync scans from the console end, running inventory from the client end, re-installing the client, deleting the client from the console and again re-installing the client with the same results.  Inventory\Name\OS\Updates\updates still only shows 5 installed updates.


      Last Software Scan Date and Last Updated by Inventory Scanner all show today's date and the time is just after client installation


      LD version is


      Patch was originally installed through our WSUS server