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    Copy Windows between CI Types

    rvanvoorst Rookie

      I created a pretty in depth window under Configuration Item and I was hoping I could possibly copy it to the sub-types, .e.g Server or Workstation.


      Could I use Design Transfer or any other way to copy the file between business objects?


      I am guessing no, but hoping someone out there found an answer, it would really help me out!

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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup



          you want an honest answer? Unfortunatelly it's NO. There is no chance to copy any windows, attributes or objects through different business objects. Sorry for that but you have to build the windows for every object from scratch... Maybe there are some enhancement requests about this where you can vote and maybe some day, it will be possible...




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            John Stuart-Robson Employee

            As Christian has said, its not currently possible.


            As an alternative, You could group your CI's under 1 object and use a reference list to act as a "Sub Type" of CI. And then use a window calculation to display the relevant attributes based on the Subtype.


            So for Mobile Device as a CI Type and a sub-type of Smartphone would show one set of attributes. If the sub-type was Tablet, it would show a different set of attributes.


            The same principle could be applied to Workstation, you would have a sub-type of Laptop and Desktop.


            Hope that helps to some degree.





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              rvanvoorst Rookie

              So I would import my devices from IEM (formerly Management Suite) all into the Configuration Item business object as opposed to the Sub-Business Objects, correct?  What would be the pros and cons of doing it that way, instead of direct into the Business Object device type?  Besides Window Management, would there be anything else I am not thinking of? 


              Right now I have most of them in the sub-Business Objects, so when I pull up the Configuration Management, they are all organized into device type.  If I go the other way, they would all show up under Configuration Item, losing some of the organization between device types, right?  Would this affect creating Asset Lifecycles and such too possibly down the road?


              I'm guessing breaking them out into the separate device types is the recommended way?


              Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure I am setting this up right the first time before we start using all the Asset Management features.

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                John Stuart-Robson Employee

                Hi rvanvoorst


                You wouldn't import them into Configuration Item no.


                As an example, create a CI of Mobile Device then create a reference list on Configuration Item Called Device Type. Add this to your Mobile Device Type window.


                Import your mobile devices into the Mobile Device CI type and set the Device Type (Subtype).  This could be set as a default value on your import mapping.


                So example device types for Mobile Device would be Android Smartphone, Apple IPhone. etc.


                You can then use a window calculation based on the CI type.


                Does that make sense?





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                  rvanvoorst Rookie

                  Sorry for the late response.


                  This way it wouldn't open the correct window when you would click on the asset within a query, would it?  It would try open that Device Type window that it belongs to, right?


                  So when I click on a Workstation CI in my query, it opens up the Workstation window from Window Manager.  Can I get it to open up the general Configuration Item window instead?


                  I think I follow what you're saying with the dynamic window, but I want all attributes to show on the window no matter what CI type it is.


                  I see in Ivanti's sandbox for WebAccess they have a separate process to create each different CI Type.  Could I have one process to create a CI but then during the process choose what CI type it should go to?

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                    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                    One thing you can do though is create windows at the top level Configuration Item object level and these can be linked via view rules based on the child CI type business objects. This can be useful if you want process created window actions that can be shared across multiple CI types.



                    MarXtar Ltd

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                      rvanvoorst Rookie

                      Yeah, I did notice that when I was creating my Window Rules, so I am actually using that method.  That helps some.