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    Copy Windows between CI Types

    rvanvoorst Rookie

      I created a pretty in depth window under Configuration Item and I was hoping I could possibly copy it to the sub-types, .e.g Server or Workstation.


      Could I use Design Transfer or any other way to copy the file between business objects?


      I am guessing no, but hoping someone out there found an answer, it would really help me out!

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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup



          you want an honest answer? Unfortunatelly it's NO. There is no chance to copy any windows, attributes or objects through different business objects. Sorry for that but you have to build the windows for every object from scratch... Maybe there are some enhancement requests about this where you can vote and maybe some day, it will be possible...




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            John Stuart-Robson Employee

            As Christian has said, its not currently possible.


            As an alternative, You could group your CI's under 1 object and use a reference list to act as a "Sub Type" of CI. And then use a window calculation to display the relevant attributes based on the Subtype.


            So for Mobile Device as a CI Type and a sub-type of Smartphone would show one set of attributes. If the sub-type was Tablet, it would show a different set of attributes.


            The same principle could be applied to Workstation, you would have a sub-type of Laptop and Desktop.


            Hope that helps to some degree.