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    DataNow 4.2 SMBv???



      nous utilisons pour le moment DataNow 3.5 (on doit migrer vers la 4.2 dans qq jours) mais apres avoir desactiver SMBv1 (sur les filesrv que datanow connecte), chez les clients la ressource partagée n'est plus visible !!!

      donc ma QST dans DataNow 4.2 utilise tjs SMBv1 ou passe par SMBv2ou3  ??

      merci d'avance

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          Hi Michel,


          DataNow 3.5 only supported SMB1 therefore if you disable this in your environment, it would be expected that the Map Points are no longer visible. The only way to make this visible on this version of the appliance would be to re-enable SMB1.  Moving forward, SMB2/3 is supported on any 4.2 appliance so you should find that you are able to successfully disable SMB1.


          I hope this answers your query