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    Event Manager creating duplicate requests


      I am consuming the eventlog web service and passing it parameters so it can create a child ticket.

      These go over in bunches to Event Manager, because I may want to create 7 tickets attached to a parent.

      I can see the events in the table, all looks good.

      Then Event Manager processes the events.

      Once processed, i see that instead of 7 child tickets, i get 14.

      Or it will create the correct number of tickets, it just creates 2 or 3 of the same one.

      In the picture below, the CommIT identifier is unique for each request. But in this case it created 2525 3 times, and 2527 2 times.


      It should have created one for each of the requests, 2524,2525,2526,2527,2528.

      Here is the event definition.


      Any ideas on what would cause this?


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          agkale SupportEmployee



          I think that you missed one point about Event Manager configuration:

          When you create the mapping for this type of event, the Target is the linking object between the two process objects. This contains two Reference Numbers – one for the process that the action is being performed on, and one for the process that is being attached or detached. You need to map to only one of these Reference Numbers – to identify the process that you are attaching or detaching


          So I believe this has to do with mapping, but this is only suggestion.