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    directory with attrib +s

    Michel.Herbiet Rookie


      Dans la version 3.5 que nous utilisons, les directory avec attribus +S ne sont pas visible via DataNow (nous  l'utilisons avec desktop.ini pour pouvoir mettre des commentaires et raccourcir les noms des dossiers )

      ma QST, dans la version 4.2 c'est encore comme cela ???? ou c'est "corrigé"


      merci d'avance

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          Robin Rowe SupportEmployee

          Hi Michel,


          Can I confirm I understand your question correctly?

          You use the 's' (system) attribute in conjunction with desktop.ini settings to enforce the 'hide protected file type' view, to limit which folders are displayed in a client Map point, and would like to check that the attribute and desktop.ini files are synced in File Director 4.2?


          So I can test and answer accurately, could you confirm that are you setting these attributes on the file server?




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            Michel.Herbiet Rookie

            Non mais comme un petit dessin c'est mieux :-)

            donc sur l'image A c'est la vue via explorateur les directory ont l'attributs +S pour "afficher" les commentaires


            Mais dans l'interface DataNow ses dossiers ne sont pas visible...


            merci pour votre aide

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              Robin Rowe SupportEmployee

              Hi Michel,


              I've tested on a 4.2 update 1 appliance, and if I use attrib +S /S to add the 'system' attribute to content in a map point, it *is* visible in the File Director web client. As an alternative, an option to hide content would be to use access-based enumeration in conjunction with NTFS ACLS to hide content that you don't want the end users to see/sync which File Director fully supports.

              I hope this helps,



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                Robin Rowe SupportEmployee

                It is also worth mentioning that if you are using the Windows client and wish to exclude certain locations ( and/or file types, file age or file sizes) there is a powerful exclusion engine to give you granular control over what can sync. This is a client-side feature so unlike access-based enumeration it would not have any effect in what is displayed in the web client - see the following blog I wrote for further details on exclusions: https://www.ivanti.com/blog/datanow-electing-to-exclude/

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