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    View within Console


      As an administrator I am sure I am supposed to see more in my view than the three options in the screen shot below, can anyone point me in the right direction to add to this view?


      Also, I sign into the console with the sa account - I myself have been set up as an administrator but it doesn't let me sign into the console with my own credentials, only the sa account - would there be a simple reason for that?


      Sorry I am very new to the product as you can see



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          MotazAlqaissi ITSMMVPGroup

          To add more shortcuts, follow the below steps:


          1- Right click on any of the shortcuts (Like Administration).
          2- To Add a new group (Like Administration,Designers...etc) select New Group.
          3- To add more components into each group, Select Add Component.

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            MotazAlqaissi ITSMMVPGroup

            Sorry I just saw the other part of the question, Can you tell how the Framework is configured? You can check the login method from the Configuration Center. If it is set to explicit and you have been setup with an account to login to the console (LANDESK Analyst account) verify that there is a password set for this account. Also check if there is a license assigned for that particular account.


            To get further details about the solution, I suggest reading through the help section for the Service Desk product.


            Good luck!