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    LANDesk 2016.X: Check if OS Provisioning is running during Package installation

    tralveller Rookie

      Hello at all,


      during OS Provisioning we're installing different software package.

      One of the packages has to find out if package installation is running during OS Provisioning or not.


      I asked my LANDesk admins but they can not answer the question.


      The only way I know until now is to check if the LANDesk provisioning folder exist or not:


      But I think it's not stable, cause may after finishing the OS Provisioning the folder will not deleted properly.

      Also to check the availability of LANDesk Provisioning GUI application seems not stable enough, cause may LANDesk oder check process hangs up,


      Is there a:

      - Registry Entry

      - State in file

      - executing Command

      - or something else

      available, to check if OS provision is still running or finished?


      Thanks a lot and


      kind regards