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    Service Desk vs Service Manager

    DanJones Apprentice

      Having attended Interchange in London on Tuesday, it became apparent to me that going forward Ivanti Service Manager (derived from Heat) would be the more feature rich product.

      Do you agree with this statement, or do I have my information incorrect?

      I know both have no end of life and have active service paths, however the Service Manager product was described as having 'the best of both' and seemed to be the product where most work will be done.

      I am currently in a project, to try to move our Service Desk (Landesk) over to the new workspaces format, as part of this project we are considering starting with a new database. The information provided at Interchange got me thinking; is it worth continuing with this project or should we start thinking about moving across to the Service Manager platform? As I am aware that porting licenses from one product to another is free at this time.

      How far along is the Service Manager product in having links with LDMS (now Endpoint manager) can the Service Manager and Endpoint Manager Products be fully integrated, as Service Desk and Endpoint Manager can be, at this point in time?

      Is there any documentation regarding the Service Manager product that someone can point me towards?

      It is currently quite confusing to try to find the information I need, as the naming/rebranding of products on the websites do not yet appear to be complete, indeed the Ivanti website still seems to allude to Service Desk being the main Product, with heat products listed as a link to the old Heat website.

      Can anyone from Ivanti or who works with Ivanti products shed further light on the situation?!

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          Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

          Hi DanJones

          Thanks for coming to London Interchange, I’m glad to see you found it informative, we’ve had loads of positive feedback from the event.

          As you have noticed, both Service Desk and Service Manager continue to be fully supported and have active roadmaps. Any customers who choose to migrate from Service Desk to Service Manager can do so at this time with no licence cost, however there is no pressure for any one to do so and if anyone has questions around this subject please do contact your Ivanti representative or partner for more assistance. I have asked yours to contact you to discuss this.


          Adding Ivanti Endpoint Manager (formally known as LDMS) integration in to Service Manager is on the roadmap and the first phase of that is planned for delivery later this year.


          Thank you again for your feedback, as always, it’s much appreciated,


          Lara Hellman – ITSM Product Owner.

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            DanJones Apprentice

            Hi LaraHellman

            Thank you for your response, I did contact our account manager in the first instance however it would appear that he is on leave, I was just being imapatient 

            I look forward to his response in the near future, hopefully then we will be able to decide which direction to take our development in.

            It seems a shame to ditch the Service Desk Workspaces deployment I have been creating however, if Service Manager is going to be the more feature rich 'best of both' product, it may be the best decision.


            Also, yes interchange 17 was definitely a worthwhile event (as were the LD Connect events) it is good to know the upcoming developments and what 'may be'.

            I highly recommend people attending in the future.