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    Windows 10 provisioned apps

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      We are just starting to look at Windows 10, and have gotten the basics done, was able to get an image ready to go in provisioning, and everything seems to work, but have hit a stumbling block on what should be a fairly simple thing, so I figured somebody else out that already conquered this.


      We want to remove the provisioned apps from MS that do not offer any real business purpose (xbox, pandora, candy crush, etc).  I have found powershell commands to let me remove them from both current users and future users, and they work fine, but need an elevated powershell box to work.  I have been trying to find a way to accomplish that with LANDesk, but falling short.  I was able to find the commands to open an elevated ps from a batch file, which works perfectly when run on the system manually, but even that does nothing when done from LANDesk.  I have tried just sending the ps1 from landesk, tried actions - custom to just send the commands, tried provisioning actions, all to no avail.


      If there is another way to accomplish what we want, I am open to that as well, just need to figure something out to move forward.


      Batch file command - powershell.exe -command "start-process powershell -verb runas -windowstyle hidden" "<full path to file>\win10apps.ps1".


      2016.3 - just implemented in January

      LDMS, Patch, Data Analytics.




      I figured it out, thanks.