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    linked objects - multi-select

    Adam Wilden Expert

      Hi Guys,


      I've forgotten how we created a link between our change process and CI that allowed for multiple selection - (see pic).


      Gotta create a load more links but in my first test one I can only get a window that allows for one item to be clicked on before closing...


      Can anyone let me know how we get the two-panel pop-up as shown below?



      Cheers - Adam.

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          agkale SupportEmployee

          Hi Adam,

          Unfortunately, this window is hard-coded, this window cannot be implemented by standard features of Software.




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            Adam Wilden Expert

            Hi Agata,


            Apologies for not being clearer - we know we can't edit this window.


            We are just trying to get it in the first place!


            We have already created a link between CIs and Changes, and get the first window shown below, which allows us to select more than one CI. 


            We are now trying to do exactly the same for linking CIs to Problems and Incidents.


            All seems to be working well, but the window we get for these is missing the right-hand pane ("Selected").


            We have obviously done something slightly different or missed something this time around....


            Here's a comparison of the two versions we are seeing.


            On Linking CIs to a Change:



            On Linking CIs to a Problem:



            We need this window to have the same "Available" and "Selected" panes as on the window we get when we create links between Cis and Changes.



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              Adam Wilden Expert

              I've now logged this as a support call.  Will update when we get a fix.