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    Error Enrolling mobile devices (Error: Trust Failure, Certificate unknow)




      I have error "Error: Trust failure, Certificate unknow" on iOS while enrolling mobile devices.

      I am testing LANDesk MDM in my local network and using self-signed certificate (no internet connection for mobile and server), I have set DNS Server and all devices can ping using device name.

      I try to install self-signed certificate in mobile devices directly but still doesn't work.


      My Installed software

      - LANDesk Management Suite 2016.3 Service Update 2

      - LANDesk Clound Service Appliance release 4.3.1-182 (Using Internal IP for system test)


      My Test devices

      - IPhone 7 iOS 10.3.2

      - Android Galaxy Note 3 Version 5


      Problem found

      Cannot enroll mobile devices as below captured screen


      I have done following this link https://community.ivanti.com/docs/DOC-39873 but still doesn't work.

      How can i fix this issue?


      Thank you.