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    OS deployment pauses after first reboot


      Hello I'm this issue again where during the OS deployment in LANdesk the build will pause at a black screen with mouse cursor. This occurs after the plugnplay phase has finished and the system reboots. I can get passed this screen by hitting the spacebar but this is not ideal fro zero touch deployment. It only appears in the Windows 7 build.


      I have seen this before and have fixed it in the past by doing one of the following things


      • Disabling Bluetooth in the BIOS
      • Removing a pnp driver that has failed I can find these usually in the panther setuperr.log.


      unfortunately this method has not helped this time round.


      I have attached the setup log if that helps.


      I would like to know what causes this black screen with mouse cursor, Drivers? Landesk confi? and how can it be resolved.


      HW: Dell Optiplex 7050

      OS: Windows 7 x64

      Latest drivers from Dell installed.