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    Comparison of 2 xtraction datamodels


      I am looking for a way to spot the differences between a vanilla xtraction datamodel and a heavily customised datamodel of the same (BMC Remedy) datasource.


      We have a BMC Remedy datamodel which has had many customisations added over about 4 years, sometimes to reflect new fields which have been added to the customised BMC remedy application.    We are now having to install a new BMC Remedy, and a new instance of xtraction to report off it.    These instances will run in tandem for different clients.     No they cant share!  Also - one instance of Remedy is on Oracle, the 2nd will be on SQL server.


      I have the SQL server BMC Remedy datasource (vanilla).   I would like to edit it to add many (but not all) of the customisations which have been added to the Oracle datamodel.     


      I now how to copy tables and datasources from one datamodel to the other.        Is there a way I can COMPARE the two datamodels in order to spot the differences?      If the datamodels were available in a xml type format, I could write a program to compare them.     If I was able to cut-and-paste tables and field names into an xls doc, I could compare the models,   but so far all I can see is to go thru each table and then each field and copy and paste each individual expression.         I know Im in for a heck of a lot of manual work - but if anyone has any ideas of how to do this with some automation that would be terrific.