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    Problem finding target system


      Hello --


      We have Ivanti Patch for Windows® Servers Standard 9.3.0 Build 4379 installed on one of our servers, and the application is having problems finding one of our target systems.

      The target system is a Windows 7 64-bit system. The Windows firewall is enabled, and I have added port 5120 to the exception list for the Inbound and Outbound rules. The target

      system has the Trend Micro OfficeScan application installed on it.The Remote Registry service is started, and it is set to Automatic, and the system is part of the network domain.


      When I add the target system within Ivanti, I do a test for its existence. The result is the system is not found. I ran the nslookup command on the Ivanti server, and the target system

      is identified by its hostname and ip address. As an experiment, I used the ip address of the target system, with no improvement.


      What other step(s) do I need to take in order for the patch software to be able to identify and connect to the target system?