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    Comparing Asset Control and LDMS Inventory


      Does any one know of a way to compare the inventory list in asset control with the actual inventory list in LDMS? It seems that I have devices that are in both inventory list and need a way to figure out how to clean up the list.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          The short answer is "you don't have the same device in both" .


          A less confusing answer is as follows:

          - The "Asset Control" entry lives in essentially a copy of the "regular" LANDesk tables (usually just prefaced with MP_AC_xxx -- which they mostly mirror pretty closely (I'm not going to say *do* mirror 100% since I've not had to look at 'em that closely).


          As far as the LANDesk Console is concerned though, the device in asset control doesn't exist and is completely out of its (regular) visibility (except for asset control).


          The device you've got under the regular "All Devices" may be just a case that "the thing sent an inventory scan in after you moved it to asset control, thinking it having been retired" perhaps?


          One way to check is to compare the DEVICEID entry (that SID-like string) ... if it's the same value, chances are it is indeed the same device, just that it wasn't as retired as you thought it was (alleged items being "retired" but coming back in some form of resurrective capability is always fun for asset management... someone isn't following process usually ).


          Does that help / explain things any?

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            phoffmann Thank you!! The information you provided help me clarify somethings in regards to the difference in the tables. I've been using the Executive Report Pack to try and create a report that will show me a list of said devices that are in both. By change would have a recommendation as to how to get a list of such devices other than using the report pack? Also sorry for taking so long to respond back, but I had to switch task for a while.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              My defaulting to finding records of devices always start with:

              • Device ID
              • MAC address(-es)


              ... that's a fair starting point, as I don't much trust host names usually, but they make a potential 3rd. Another potential attribute point to match on could be a variety of serial numbers.


              So you may want to start with something like:

              -- Example comparing DEVICEID's (Asset Control centric)
              -- Note that HERE, I'm reporting on Asset Control data based on the data from the live LANDesk data source
              select * from MP_AC_DEVICES MPD where MPD.DEVICEID in
              (select CMP.DEVICEID from COMPUTER CMP)
              -- Example comparing MAC-addresses (Asset Central centric)
              -- Note that THIS time I check against the "live" LANDesk data primarily based on the MAC-addresses in Asset Control
              -- In an effort to return useful information, I'm presenting each devices' name as well.
              select BA.Computer_Idn, CMP.DeviceName, BA.AdapterNo, BA.PhysAddress from BOUNDADAPTER BA (nolock)
              LEFT OUTER JOIN COMPUTER CMP (nolock) on CMP.Computer_Idn = BA.Computer_Idn
              WHERE BA.PhysAddress in
              (select MABA.PhysAddress from MP_AC_BoundAdapter MABA)


              ... and go from there.


              Note that it *CAN* make a difference "which way" you report your data in. I.e. - whether you display "live data" based on the data in Asset Control or vice versa.


              In this particular case (since you're looking for matches) that shouldn't come up much / at all, but surprises do happen.


              Anyway - figure this will be a good starting point for you .

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                Thank you!! This is a great start. I will dig into this.

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                  Update. I used the Executive Report Pack to create a report that gets the Device Name from both the core inventory and asset control. Since it looks at both repositories the output report was pretty long so I had to save it as CVS and upload it into Excel or Sheets. From there I filtered the totals column where the value was greater than 1 and was able to get a list of devices that are currently on both Asset Management and live inventory.

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                    phoffmann SupportEmployee

                    That's another way to get to that .


                    At the end of the day - it's about finding something that works for you & you feel comfortable with .