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    Windows 10 LANDesk Agent not reporting inventory


      LANDesk 9.6 SP2


      I created a provisioning template for Windows 10.  Everything works great but the problem I am running into is the LANDesk agent itself.  The "configure agent" task completes without error but when I look at the Management Console, the machine is reporting blank info and still says Bare Betal for the OS. Anyone ever run into this?  I even tried to run a inventory scan on the machine in question and it doesn't update the record.  Should I be deploying the agent in a different way for Win 10?  We don't have any issue deploying the agent to Windows 7. 

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          Peter Massa Expert

          I would try to manually run an inventory scan from the client.  Then look on the core server's event viewer at the Application log and see if there are errors.  Likely it is grabbing something like a printer or font with a name that is longer than the 255 character max in the db, so the inventory service is cancelling the scan import.


          Let me know if this is the case and I can help you fix the db column to allow it to scan properly.



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            OK. So I decided to delete the record from LANDesk and reimage the machine with the different name.  I created a Bare Metal Server and dragged to the provisioning task and launched.  Everything was successful but again, same issue.  When we image Windows 7 boxes using bare metal servers, once the agent is installed, I can look at the Management Console and see that the pc has been removed from the Bare Metal Server (under Configuration) and the new computer name applied with the inventory record in tact.  When we image Windows 10 machines, it is not doing this.  It remains as a Bare Metal Server with a blank inventory record.


            I went to the Core as you suggested and I do see a couple different errors:


            1 - The size of Printer.VERSION is too small. Increase its size by at least 4.

            2 - Database exception: SCABF9A.SCN, LDInv.dll


            Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value.

            Update Table:Printer Column:VERSION PK:0, Thread ID: 23056.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Yeah - that's pretty standard inventory exception stuff.


              Talk to support about it (the "fixing this stuff" takes about 10 seconds) - the reason I want you to talk to support is so that they can take / note down the relevant table increases & file the with engineering as default going forward (saves you the hassle going forward).


              It's not a difficult thing to do (and once support talked you through it, you should be able to repeat the process in the future) ... it's just nice letting support know of the relevant table increases so that we can keep track of it & update the master DB config files.


              NOTE - the reason why we don't just configure everything as "max length" strings in the DB is to save on space. There'd be QUITE a lot of space wasteage were we to do so .

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                Is this a one time fix?  I'm hoping I don't have to do anything each time a machine will be imaged.  Why do I not have this issues with Windows 7, only Windows 10?

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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  That depends on what data your devices come back with.


                  In general terms, the problem is "hey - this data value won't fit into this limited data column" -- so once you extend the relevant table/column, yes, it's a (semi-)permanent fix, until you run into another device that sens you a longer serial number or whatever.


                  Different OS'es tend to bring different drivers -- which come with varying degrees (and quality) of strings ... so the answer to your question in the case of printers is "because a different (Win 10) driver is being used, which has different strings to the Win-7 driver" at a guess (or Win 10 just likes being more chatty / "helpful and informative") ... it's all down to strings that are given to us by the OS at the end of the day.


                  Does that help you understand whence the problem stems?

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                    Peter M and phoffman are correct. Out of the box Landesk mgmt. Has numerous table column sizes that are too small. When the client sends its inventory xml to the core under the \\corename\ldmain\ldscan directory, the core inventory service will grab it and parse it.


                    Some OS attributes like PATH, printer names, etc will exceed the column size in SQL and the inventory service will throw an error in the event log and drop the XML into the \ERRORSCAN or the \ERRORBIGSCAN under \\corename\ldmain\ldscan directory.


                    The errorbigscan error means the XML itself is too large and you need configure the max size of inventory scans from the core server's mgmt. console under configuration, services, inventory and I suggest setting to 30-40mb.


                    The errorscan re SQL columns being too short are a little more tricky and require you to edit the tables in SQL mgmt studio and change them with "design" and expand the column from something like nvarchar(50) to nvarchar(4096) or whatever makes sense. There is a doc on this: https://community.ivanti.com/docs/DOC-41927


                    When you make the changes, restart the inventory service on the core server (config->services) and rerun an inventory scan from the client itself with the command line: c:\Program files(x86)\Landesk\LDClient\LDISCN32.EXE /F /SYNC . You can watch its progress by adding the '/V" command. It should finish in less than 10min.


                    Leave the \\corename\ldmain\ldscan folder open and you may even see the xml file for the client drop in there and if it fails it'll drop the \errorscan or \errorbigscan folders and log events again. Rinse and repeat adjust database tables etc until the clients no longer have issues.

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                      Peter Massa Expert

                      Here is an example command to use to fix the above size issue - this is a one time change:


                      alter table Printer alter column Version nvarchar(max) NULL



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                        Thank you everyone.  Adjusted the parameters fixed the issue!  Much appreciated for everyone's thorough explanation.