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    Put iPad in Kiosk Mode


      We have a few ipads that we are just starting to deploy and we have enrolled these into MDM successfully. I am able to push settings and enable most security settings without and issues but I am unable to put these devices into Kiosk Mode. I keep seeing some info about Supervised Mode only but Apple tells me I can do this manually, thru my MDM or thru DEP. We do not use DEP and I am not a proponent for Manual and we do not have a MAC laying around to try it with. To get this to work do I have to put this in Supervised mode with Apple Configurator or should Ivanti be handling this for me? Any help is appreciated.


      I am running 2017.1

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          I have not seen any response so we got a Mac and did the manual supervision and it worked.

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            mwoods Apprentice

            I just came across this question or else I would have responded sooner as I went through this as well.


            The device MUST be supervised to activate kiosk mode via the MDM. Apple's "manual" process is not really effective as it doesn't lock down everything and you can easily exit the kiosk mode.


            I use kiosk mode when I have a device that needs to be locked down but not wiped. I have the kiosk mode lock it to the system clock and prevents touch and button usage.